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....the areas by which a naturopath can support you are limitness.

My Story


Firstly, a warm welcome to my clinic in Tropical Far North Queensland. 


I understand taking the first steps toward better health can be daunting and each person finds themselves looking for a Naturopath for different reasons. You may be on holidays and ready to start a new chapter in your life, one that brings you closer to complete health and wellbeing. You ​may be experiencing niggling symptoms and complaints you want to nip in the bud. Or you may be at the end of a long and confusing health journey still feeling unwell and have no answers as to why.

You may not have any idea what naturopathy even is! Check it out here.

In all of those stages, those places of being, of future goals and wishes to let go of past health concerns, I am ready to support you with the wonderfully effective modality that is Naturopathy. 

My journey

Like many health practitioners, this is my second career. I had a different life and a different career before i started on my own personal health journey and moved into working as a practitioner myself.

In 2010 my life changed very quickly from being someone who was bullet-proof to someone who was really unwell. I was buoyant, quite the party girl and would go for a quick 5-10km run before dinner. I had a prestigious job, a great lifestyle and what seems like an endless reserve of good health and energy.

And then my life changed, it changed suddenly and it changed significantly and i was utterly unprepared. I experienced ongoing issues with my heart and blood pressure and was unexpectedly off work for 2 years. I could barely walk to the end of the street, had a bag full of heart and blood pressure medications, was in hospital constantly and wracked with anxiety as to what was happening to me and why. I rejected living such a low quality life indefinitely and chipped away each day to get a little better, determined that i would succeed.


I had to work extremely hard to climb my way out of significant illness back to wellbeing. A dodgy heart, non existent blood pressure, chronic gastrointestinal inflammation from the medication, anxiety, debilitating fatigue, recurring respiratory infections and low immunity.


And it was from there that I found Naturopathy, and that I retrained as a naturopath myself. It certainly wasn't easy  but at this point i can whole heartedly say it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

And so here I am! Living in tropical far north Queensland, living my best life in paradise ready to help you reach your heath and wellbeing goals.

The Naturopath Palm Cove,

Corinne Louise

So thats a great story, but what does it mean for you or about me as a naturopathic practitioner? 


Firstly, I share my story so that people don't feel alone in their journey. There are many other people struggling along against the current with their health as I once was and you may be now, whether its a major illness or just niggly little symptoms that are slowing you down. Secondly, it means I get it. The uncertainty, the fear, frustration, the feelings of not being heard, of not being understood and that you're the only person who actually cares that you aren't feeling right. 

Most importantly, it means I am extremely driven in finding health solutions for people so they dont have to get to where I did.

You don't have to change your whole life  ...

But you do need to be ready to make the little necessary changes to reach those goals you are after, or ditch those symptoms you want to ditch. Not unsustainable massive changes all at once or the expectation that you will suddenly become a kale juice drinking purist who doesn't have fun, live a bit of life and let your hair down (I certainly cant teach anyone how to be something i am not) but... you do need to be ready to take those small steps in the right direction, to be ready to back yourself and let go of what ever it is that is holding you back.

I am a positive, good humored, real talk kind of a person. I will hear you, support you and provide you with my knowledge and tools to empower you to reach your health and wellness goals. 

If you want to take your health up to the next level, to reach peak wellness, are sick of being sick, or having niggling symptoms then please get in touch. It would be my pleasure to support you in your success.

Warm regards,



P.S I also do consultations via Skype so if you are on holidays or live interstate and want to get started there is no barrier to starting and continuing treatment now. 


1300 281 256      I     1300 281 256

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